Lionel Ducos – Sculptor – THE LANDS OF MANKIND – 12 monumental sculptures

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Lionel Ducos sculptor

12 monumental sculptures

for a travelling exhibition

starting in 2013

“It was perhaps then, for the first time, that I understood something which was later confirmed by equally demoralizing experiences in other parts of the world. Journeys, those magic caskets full of dreamlike promises, will never again yield up their treasures untarnished. A proliferating and

overexcited civilization has broken the silence of seas once and for all. The perfumes of the tropics and the pristine freshness of human beings have been corrupted by a business with dubious implications, which mortifies our desires and dooms us to acquire only contaminated memories.”

Thank you, Sir!

The “proliferating and overexcited civilization” you wrote about imposes itself today as “GLOBALIZATION”. The exhibition I wish to set up is the expression of a sculptor; it is as well a commitment at the opposite extreme of nostalgia and exoticisms. The installation raises the question of the future of the Earth as well as the question of man (sapiens) as his own predator.

This exhibition will be available for rental to institutions such as : cultural: museums, art centres, educational: schools, universities ,territorial: Cities, Counties / Departments, Regions, State.


The exhibition will be composed of 12 terra cotta characters measuring 2.10 m. Emblematic and contemporary representatives of the First Peoples, they are arranged around a 10 m diameter circle. The visitor is invited to come to the centre of this circle.

Questioned by their opal eyes:

“What are you doing with our Planet?”    “What are you doing with our Earth?”   “What are you doing with our Mother?”  “What are you doing with Man?”

 The choice of this group of sculptures is not yet defined. It could be: Concerning the artistic matters, they are taken care of in my studio, in Nantes, far from the Art Market. Some friends, sculptors or painters, come over to share and exchange views. Praxitele, Michelangelo, Rodin come for a visit every now and then to consider anatomy: they chide me a little…

These clay giants will travel long journeys in France and abroad. Become a partner in this touring. Why not work together and conceive the installation in your city.

This artistic commitment will provide material for a book: “MAN’S LANDS”.  Texts, studio photos (on a 3-year period). The publication is planned for the 1st semester of 2013.



Tremblement de terre

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